Standing Date: a Civic Space Virtual user Group meeting

<p>Growing out of these last two conference experiences, and the NXNEI idea, what if we were to create a wednesday night virtual meeting of civicspace users. Conference call and live chat/irc.</p> <p>An opportunity for people to get questions answered in real time, to show off new sites, hacks, modules, etc…</p> <p>Proposed Agenda:</p> <ul> <li>15 minute whats new in civicspace </li><li>15 – 25 minute speed geeking: demo of new sites or modules (3 to 5 per week) </li><li>Bring your problems: ask the experts (unlti people get sick of it) </li></ul> <p>We could use free conference call and a combo of skype and irc (irc for the main group chat, and skype for some one on one)<br /> all scripts and conversation logs would then be published to the web for all to learn from.</p>