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<p>[via <a href="">Schundler%u2019s Software to Mobilize Other Candidates' Armies | Personal Democracy Forum</a>]:</p> <p><cite>%u201CIf you%u2019re offering a service why would you limit your client base?%u201D he asks rhetorically, asserting, %u201CIt would be foolish to cut out clients solely because of their affiliation.%u201D</cite> </p><p>Hmmmmm Brett, maybe you would limit yourself because you are an ideologically motivated person or firm that doesn't want to provide tool that help people who don't share the same politics as you?</p> <p>Is there anything wrong with a company like Halliburton selling munitions to both sides of a military conflict? I think there is.</p> <p>Is there anything wrong with a company like Convio, IStandFor or TeamVolunteer providing their product (service/tool/technology) to both sides of a political conflict? I think there is. I have written about it here. I don't think that you can separate providing access to the technology that helps a political candidate win an election from the goal of winning the election. It might not be strategic consulting services, but there is value in the technology beyond simply providing electricity or phone service, or a copy machine. </p> <p>Political technology is differnt than they other technologies, one is better than another. Perhapos 20 years from now there will be no difference (like with phone service, or copiers) but today, as these political technologies are emerging, there is significant value added just be providing the service (like providing bullets).</p> <p>Why would you want to be a part of helping someone who holds ideals that run contrary to your own win their election?</p> <p>Maybe Brett Shundler is a better man than me, or maybe he is just a capitalist looking to maximize profits. But i can say that my services, even when the service is merely providing a technology, are not up for grabs by anyone who will write a check. My business is guided by my personal ethics and politics.</p> <p>For some background on this larger debate you can visit [|CivicSpaceLabs] and find a lonbg debate in the community forum about the politics of software.</p>