Protect Online Political Speech: Principle Archives

<p>[via <a href="">Protect Online Political Speech: Principle Archives</a>]:</p> <p><cite>1. The Internet is a unique and powerful First Amendment forum, which supports speech as "broad as human thought." It empowers ordinary people to be speakers and publishers with the ability to reach millions. As such, the Supreme Court has afforded speech on the Internet the highest constitutional protection.</cite> </p><p>Anyone publishing on the web, or involved in political (and campaign) technology, should read the [l:|Principals] and sign on to the principles.</p> <p>The [l:|Center for Democracy and Technology] is working to defend the broadest freedoms of speech on line. Their stance is similar to that of [gh:node/151|Doc Searls as presented at the Pdf] The internet is different than anything that has come before it, it is both particle and wave (like light) but we must defend it as particle, a place where free speech can happen.</p> <p>[l:|Sign on to the priciples].</p>