Pound of Flesh: My Last MS Purchase EVER (hopefully)

<p>I made a rather unfortunate purchase today for a client: 3 copies of MS Office Professional 2003, retail price $454, I paid $379 each for a total of around $1200 with tax. I also just purchase 3 new IBM computers for this client at a cost of about $600 a piece (for a total of around $2k).</p> <p>If they could get off of MS office and go with an alternative like [lk:openoffice.org|OpenOffice.org] they could have had 2 more computers (or saved $1200).</p> <p>And the thing is that for the most part, all they use is Word and Excell, a little access here and there, but they have, primarily, moved their database online, so all they really need is wordprocessing and spreadsheet functionality, both available from OpenOffice, and IMHO they are 2 good programs, with fairly intuitive functionality.</p>

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