Polls and the National Republicans

<p>I don't often talk straight up politics here, but [l:http://www.emergingdemocraticmajorityweblog.com/donkeyrising/archives/001197.php|this post from Donkey Rising] really got me going. Ruy analizes some recent poll numbers that all basically show that Americans don't like Bush, or the republicans (that is a massiv oversimplification, but you can get read for yourself).</p> <p>My point here is that if Americans now realize (a mere 7 months after relecting him) that GWB is an idiot and was the wrong choice for President and is leading the country down the wrong path, how do we reinforce that message in the 06 mid terms? I mean, the "liberal media" seems to be showing everything is peachy in america….</p> <p>The message of these polls has to get out there, but not in a nasty "I told you so" or "you made your bed now sleep in it" manner.</p>

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