Penguin Day: On Speed Geeking

<p>Gunner, you sadist, 10 rounds of speed geeking? I was ok through round 6. For those who don;t know what [l:|Speed Geeking] is, the basic idea is that a bunch of conference attendees get 5 minutes to demo their "coolest thing" which might be a product, a tool, or a technology. The rest of the session attendees get into groups of 3 to 6 people and move around the room from station to station getting 5 minute frenzied schpiels about a bunch of cool technologies.</p> <p>Since I think that tagging ([] and the like) is possibly the coolest thing to happen to the internet in a long long time, i decided i would evangelize for tagging.</p> <p>Well, during [l:|this session] there were something like 10 stations, and 10 groups which means that each presenter presented 10 times, so i basically didn;t stop talking for 50 minutes (which for those of you who know me, really isn;t that long!) but considering that I celebrated Cinco de Mayo by impersonating Cheech Marin (of [lk:|Cheech and Chong]) my voice was already kind of shot.</p> <p>I was surprised by the number of folks who had heard of tagging (but still weren't using it!)</p> <p>I hope it helped folks, and if you want to learn more about tagging, or what I have to say about it, read my blog posts on the subject (below).</p> <p>I'll just add this one comment: I can't wait for the day when tagging is incorporated into contact databases!!!</p>