PDF: Podcast interview with Noel Hidalgo

<p>Here is a short interview with [lk:nonecknoel.com|Noel Hidalgo] (my coworker)</p> <p>He gives his quick impressions on the morning sessions at the [lk:personaldemocracy.com].</p> <p>[l:files/PDF_NoelH.mp3|Click Here to Listen]</p> <table id="attachments" class="sticky-enabled"> <thead><tr><th>Attachment</th><th>Size</th> </tr></thead> <tbody> <tr class="odd"><td><a href="http://home.gregoryheller.com/sites/gregoryheller.com/files/PDF_NoelH.mp3">PDF_NoelH.mp3</a></td><td>229.32 KB</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

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