PDF: Marty Kearns on Network Centric Theory

<p>I have said it before, and will say it again, and again and again: [lk:network-centricadvocay.net|Marty Kearns] is amayzing!</p> <p>I have seen Marty a few times this year already giving his presentation on [l:http://activist.blogs.com/networkcentricadvocacypaper.pdf|Network Centric Advocacy (links to a .pdf)] but this was by far the best presentation yet. I have to say his was one of the best ppts i have seen in a long time and it perfectly augmented his speech. He used it oh so well and I have to say, given that the "theme" of the PDF was "Networks", Marty should have been the keynote, not Scott "80% of our healthy groups are signed up to pay for meetup.com" Heiferman.</p> <p>here are some notes from Marty's presentation:<br /> The following factors have efected the growth of networks:<br /> Cheap long distance phone call (prices dropped fast and significantly, 40 cents to 4 cente); cheap travel, the cost of flying has gone way down, cheap transportation in general.<br /> Here is something interesting: college kids using IM while sitting next to each other (noel and I do it all the time, so do all of my coworkers). They will continue to communicate even when they move apart, the network or relationship will live irrespective of distance.</p> <p>Challenges to communicating with people (for politicians, candidates and activist groups): </p> <ul> <li>10 million people in 4 days signed up for the do not call list, Over 40 million so far. </li><li>Getting another email or newsletter or phone call is not really a perk </li><li>people can find you (organizations, politicans) and information when they need it, when they want to participate </li><li>People will be there for 10 minutes, if you can;t use them then you are not ready for advocacy in the connected age </li></ul> <p>we need a scaleable model if we can't all connect into the center:</p> <ul> <li>Scale free network </li><li>modular </li><li>hierarchical (gop model, a hierarchical network) </li></ul> <p>networks have resiliancy and redundency</p> <p>Some campaigns just take off:<br /> FUH2 campaign to post pictures flipping off hummers <a href="http://www.fuh2.com/" title="http://www.fuh2.com/">http://www.fuh2.com/</a></p> <p>90% of donations to Tsunami reliefe were first time donations, and donors clicked “don't contact me again�</p> <p>Other recent network centric actions included the passage of Amber Alert Laws, the campaign against Sinclaire Broadcasting, the Gray Davis recall.</p> <p>Nasa asks visitors (1.9 million vols) helped map mars in 2 months. It would have taken 6 years without the volunteer assistance.</p>

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