PDF: Keynote Thoughts and Points

<p>The morning session of PDF was interesting, starting late, rife with technical difficulties (projector not working, spotting internet access). Scott Hjeiferman, an interesting choice for keynote speaker, being that the general consensu around the net (well atleast the activist community, is that MeetUp Jumped the shark by starting to charge, what when you can use upcomming.org for freee and civicspacelabs promises an event finder module coming soon….</p> <p>His presentation, missing his poerpoint, was interesting none the less.</p> <p>Some key points:<br /> We are living in a culture that is much more isolated<br /> even in NY with Ipod Buds (they say do not diusturb)<br /> Order from fresh direct<br /> Go to the ATM<br /> Go to work and IM and Email</p> <p>If you don't talk to the guy in the cubical down the hall you think he is an ass hole, if you don't talk to your neighbor you don't trust them.</p> <p>We live in a world with not enough trust, because there is not enough communication.<br /> We are on a path towards isolation, and a world where there is more control</p> <p>The power of blogs, the power of pictures, of self publishing, it is little brother looking up at big brother, and having an impact.</p> <p>Scott did not really say anything that was "news" or "revolutionary". I can only imagine that the the powerpoint he was not able to give was not that interesting and would have only distracted from teh meet and great in the live chat.</p> <p>More on the opening speakers in coming blog posts….</p>

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