PDF: Getting It

<p>This was an interesting panel, I should have gone there from the beginning, but I wanted to go to the list building session. There wasn't much new to learn in the list building session so I bailed and joined up with this one.</p> <p>Here are some notes:<br /> Gettingit</p> <p>Marty Kearns: The technology department needs to be at the table, they need the resources, the are an integral part of the organization, they should not be looked at solely as support staff. <b>Thank you Marty!</b></p> <p>“I get 10k emails a day, how to i make it stop� Chuck Schumer (Andrew Rasiej retelling a story)<br /> Andrew asks, how do we deal with the information coming back in from the field<br /> Marty: we need to open source everything, the way that open source revolutionized software development and changed work for engineers, we need to distribute the responsibilities of communicating back out among volunteers.<br /> "Two Way" doesn't just mean communication, it also means asking for help.</p> <p>Planning for participation is important. You must plan for the response so that you can respond to folks.</p> <p>Listening in Scale: deputize your community to find the talented ten (the mobilized meniscus)<br /> “theme team�</p> <p>“Membership doesn't matter� the members don't matter, your ability to organize folks matters. Do the people on your list 1) open your messages, 2) take actions.<br /> Spewing list stats won't matter one day soon. POls will realize that "6 million members" does not mean "6 million members" it means 6 million emails, and of those only 20% open and fewer take actions.<br /> “When you organize against me, how much will it hurt.�</p>

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