PDF Conference Pricing out those who need it

<p>I just got an email imploring me to register eearly for the PDF conference. I thoroughly enjoyed last years PDF conference, and found it very valuable. I clicked through to see <a href="http://www.personaldemocracy.com/conference" target="_blank">more info</a> about the event and was shocked to see the price: $225 with the early bird discount $295 general admission. </p> <p>This is absurd. On wednesday I depart for Chicago for <a href="http://www.personaldemocracy.com/conference" target="_blank">the nTen NTC</a>, a 3 day affair (ok 2.5) with dozens of panels and breakouts, a huge vendor fair and so much more. THe price of NTC? $275 for N-TEN members, $375 for non-members. I have always thought of this as a bit pricey for non profits, but not our of control. </p> <p>I understand that PDF probably assumes that political folks can affor the high sticker price, and ATC $225 is not a ton of money, but for small city council campaigns that could be 8 shifts of canvassers, 5 months of internet service, a computer, their entire web hosting cost with dream host, and what if they want multiple folks to attend?</p> <p>IMHO the PDF pricing is out of wack. It should be sliding scale based upon organizational budge, individual, student, political campaign, political consultant, discounted pricing for multiple attendees, etc.</p>