PDF: Andrew Rasiej

<p>Remember it is pronounced "Row-Shay"…</p> <p>Andrew gave the introduction this morning for the conference and for the Key Note Speaker, Scott Heiferman of MeetUp.com (<em> y'all know the url, I'm not giving them a link, you can go to upcomming.org for all your meetup calendar/invite need</em>)</p> <p>Besides the usually plesentries of thanking attendees, presenters and sponsors in advance, andrew gave a a very polished "statement" that definitely made it know that he was [l:http://www.advocatesforrasiej.com|running for public advocate]</p> <p>Micah Sifry explains the relationship between the Rasiej campaign and PDF (who share human resources) [l:http://www.personaldemocracy.com/node/567|here].</p> <p>But it is hard to divorce the campaign from the conference, maybe it is just because i am hyper sensative to it, but one of the panelists in the Advertising Panel made a comment (butchering Andrew's last name) and the moderator corrected him and added "who is running for public advocate here in NYC."</p>

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