ParaSITE: inflatable housing

<p>THis is linked in my delicious too, but i felt it was worth talking a little bit more about the ParaSITE:<br /> <a href="" target="blank" title="The paraSITE – an inflatable shelter for the homeless that runs off expelled HVAC air">The paraSITE – an inflatable shelter for the homeless that runs off expelled HVAC air</a></p> <p>This is similar in concept the the enflatable party shelters I used to make with [|Amoeba Technologies Crew]. Except that the ParaSite provides shelters to thos with none. </p> <p>While the idea of these things popping up in NYC like mushrooms after a rain is a little alarming (as noted in the article) It might be what our culture needs to visualize the homeless. I just came back from San Francisco (Oakland and Berkeley). I was not surprised by the number of homeless i saw in SF. I expected it, but it was alarming non the less. What was more shocking was the parade of homeless and destitute folks trudgin by the internet cafe I worked from in Berkely for 4 hours on Thursday.</p> <p>We have a problem in America. Housing is way too expensive. There is no safety net. While on the airplane I was reading Utne Reader and read a piece by [lk:|Michael Yates, "The Road We've Taken" in which he writes about the growing inequality exhibited in the housing market], and the growing phenomena of people, even employed skilled workers, living in long term stay residence motels and hotels: enough money to not be homeless, but not enough to get a rental or to buy. These are poeple trapped in the middle, spending way too much on way too little.</p>

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