Our Government has Failed New Orlineans

<p>This is not a recrimination about how the levvy's should have been built stronger (they should have) or how Army Corpe of Engineers' budget should not have been cut (it should not hae been)./ This post is about people clinging to rooftops 4 days after the flood waters began pouring in. This post is about how the government has not saved those people and about how the government should have provided evacuation resources BEFORE the floods, or immediately after the Levvy broke.</p> <p>Why did the government wait 3 days before dropping sandbags into the breach?<br /> Where are the swift boats to save the people clinging to roofs?<br /> Why has it taken so long for military and national guard to reach the streets of New Orleans?<br /> Why isn't the government dropping rations and water from aircraft to the poeple stranded around the city?<br /> How come there is no good plan for what to do with 1.3 million displaced people (as recently as last year a prediction of the exact scenario was made!0</p> <p>George Bush and his administration should be removed. The blood of thousands of American's is on their hands. People are dying every day now because the government did not act quick enough. Because the government was not prepared.</p> <p>Americans must demand accountability. American's must demand action.<br /> Call into local radio shows and write letters to the eeditors of your local papers, call and write your senator's and congressman. We should be ashamed of our "leaders".</p>

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