NTEN: Not Your Mom's Intranet

<p>This session used the case of EngenderHealth and YMCA of USA intra/extra nets. In both cases these were major custom built systems. Forum One communications moderated and also showed their system.</p> <p>YMCA USA has a ratio of 5 users to 1 content editor.</p> <p>Both orgs have some folks dedicated in large part to manage the intranet.</p> <p>YMCA took over 18 months to develop and roll out the system. they have something like 18k users.</p> <p>One thing that dissapointed me about this session is that it didn't cover off the shelf solutions. Both orgs custom built and talked about how they use it, or the process for creating it.</p> <p>There was just a little talk about who manages the system, it reminded me of <a href="http://gregoryheller.com/?q=blog&from=12">this item i blogged</a> "It may well be that certain IT people who have championed the Web will move over to marketing/communications. It may in fact be necessary for a new type of department to emerge."</p>

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