NTEN: Mena wrap up

<p>"Blogs are good"<br /> "Blogs are easy"<br /> "Blogs are cheap"</p> <p>Blogs can give instant info about your organization to the poeple who are interested.</p> <p>"Six Apart is a small company" yet they have 80 employees and have offices in US, Paris and Tokyo.</p> <p>I think that we could have set up civicspace and started a blog with it in the time it took her associate to set up a blog as a demo.</p> <p>Let the games begin</p> <p>Oh yeah, and there was no mention at all of podcasting.</p> <p>Marnie web's entry<br /> <a href="http://ext337.blogspot.com/2005/03/mena-trotts-keynote.html" title="http://ext337.blogspot.com/2005/03/mena-trotts-keynote.html">http://ext337.blogspot.com/2005/03/mena-trotts-keynote.html</a></p> <p>I concur that Mena did not really getinto how to harness the power of the blogosphere to spread your message. she did use the SWK example, and another one or two, but really missed, IMHO, why those 2 examples caught fire in the blogosphere and how an org (NPO) could have similar success.</p>

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