NATIONAL JOURNAL: American Politics In The Networking Era

<p>I picked this up off Marty Kearns's Blog. I haven't finished reading the Barrone article yet but couldn't wait to pos tthis to the blog. As Marty Said, Barrone is far more eloquent than I could be on the topic at this hour, so all i will add is this: If the left doesn't start thinking and organizing like the right we are dead in the water. </p> <p>Read the article, absorb the message, and plan for the future.</p> <p><a href="">NATIONAL JOURNAL: American Politics In The Networking Era</a> – <em>This is a fantastic acknowledgement of the core network-centric arguments pushed by advocates for network-centric advocacy since early 2002. ( Michael Barrone is a regular hack for the right on FOX and has the cover story of the National Journal)…</em> [<a href="">Network-Centric Advocacy</a>]</p>