More on the Stratellite

<p>So i have been talking about [l:|Stratellites] since i first read about them. Aparently SansWire just unveiled their first craft. The idea behind these things (they are unmanned derrigibles that float above the jet stream in the stratosphere) is that they are way cheaper than satellites, and the that they can be launched quickly and cheaply providing broadband and wireless (celular) telephone service to a broad geographic area. </p> <p>The application for such a device is truly amayzing. Imagine<br /> "wiring" underserved parts of africa or the middle east, or disaster zones like post tsunami asia with a few of these devices ($25 to $30 mil each). They are out of reach of terrorists and natural disaster.</p> <p>Here is some more info on the [l:|Stratellite]<br /> and here [l:|from SansWire]</p>

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