More on Pols Blogging

<p><em><a href="" target="_blank">Yet politicians are beginning to see blogs are more than forums for snoops. To some, they are the ultimate cyberspace soapbox.</a></em> This is from a Christian Science Monitor article this week. Glad the pols are coming around. But i wonder, how will a politician's blog be treated in the context of political expenditures? This article is more helpful than was <a href="">Mena Trott's keynote at NTEN NTC</a> I think this is the key, the hook, that will get more and more pols blogging "In many ways, the blog provides politicians an opportunity to recast themselves away from the mainstream media."</p> <p>Speaking of interesting or helpful content about blogging. I started reading Lawrence Lessig's book <b>Free Culture</b> on the plan home today, and pages 41 to 47 of the chapter titled "Piracy" about the rise of blogging far surpassed Mena's keynote.</p>

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