More Hallway than conference (without the hallways!)

<p>Jason Mogus said of the [|Web of Change] (in quoting a past participant) that it is more hallway than conference room. That would be correct if there were hallways (or conference rooms for that matter). The designed sessions were really just jumping off points for amayzing interactions between individuals and small groups. Looking back it is hard to identify which was which. The whole experience was so organic.</p> <p>One exercise that originally I found difficult and depressing even was a session that involved repeated questioning. We asked a partner "How do you lie?" over and over again. Having the opportunity to talk to someone who may have been a stranger a few hours eearlier about something so personal was very powerful. I think that everyone probably realized they lie a whole lot more than they like to think. I know I did. Not the big lies. Not intentionally and consciously deceitful, but in little ways we all don't always tell the truth, even when it is just through hyperbole.<br /> <img src="" width="200" /><br /> We also engaged in a conversation between someone from the future, after we were dead, and we explained to them what we did to bring about the important changes in the world that are on the verge of taking place. It was sad to think about the position that our society is in right now: war, violence, enverironmental degredation, inequality and fear. Yet it was also hopeful and encouraging to think about how we can be part of changing these paterns. I paired up with a wonderful person who i have come to know in recent months. The fact that he has children though made the excersise seem much less abstract. He was talking about a world that his children (who exist) will live in. </p> <p>I found the repetition, the one on one, the instructions to listen actively, the space to explore and not avoid these issues all very powerful.</p> <p>These sessions shaped the non session confersations in many ways. Life in the real world always seems to be about pitching, and one-up-manship. At Web Of Change, i remembered that we "all connect like a web we cannot see" (that quote from "Taxi Driver Wisdom" used to hang above my desk). And when you remember that, you remember that conversation is not competition, and we all have so much to learn from each other.</p>

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