More flies with honey:

<p>[l:|GreenGuide] the creator of the [l:|Fix It Apple] web campaign looks like a great resource of information about environmental issues. </p> <p>I say "looks like" because at every click i am thwarted by "premium membership" screens. And while i recognize that it can't be cheap to run a website like theirs, I would like to get a little more information before paying. And I would have to imagine that others who happen upon their website feel similarly. Registering and paying for news content is a pretty high bar to participation/consumption of info. And an enviromental publication is not just providing information to interested parties (like a business magazine, or something like it is al;so trying to convert people and evangelize about, well, environmentalism. </p> <p>You can't expect people to pay to be evangelized to. Provide compelling content and then ask people to make a donation to support it. Charge for archives or other resources.</p>

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