Living in a connected age: Thinking about by telecom infrastructure

<p>With my impending departure from the 9 to 5 office environment I have been thinking alot about my telecommunications infrastructure<br /> 1) Home Phone<br /> 2) Cell Phone<br /> 3) Cable Internet (with Wifi)<br /> 4) Aim<br /> 5) Skype (text, and I am getting a headset for voice)</p> <p>I just ordered a new Motorola Razr3 from Cingular (free with rebate!) I am preparing to drop Nextel at the end of the summer.</p> <p>I am thinking of adding VOIP (Vonage) to the list of options to reduce the cost of my transcontinental daytime calling.</p> <p>What issues does all this raise? So many phone numbers! Noel just helped me work through a bit of a plan to set up fwdding from one to another:<br /> 1) Voip Number becomes primary number (probably my current cell #)<br /> 2) Voip fwds to cell and/or home thus reducing cell minutes used<br /> 3) Voip used for VM (which emails messages to special account that also sends a txt msg to cell phone)</p> <p>Steps I need to take:<br /> Lower total cost of RCN Cable Internet Phone service<br /> Figure out appropriate plan for VOIP service</p> <p>Anyone have any thoughts? Suggestions, concerns?</p>