Larks and Owls

<p>[|"Timing of sleep is genetically determined, whether you're an owl or<br /> lark," said Dr. Mark Mahowald, the medical director of the Minnesota<br /> Regional Sleep Disorders Center. While most people are a little bit owl<br /> or a little bit lark, for others, Dr. Mahowald said, altering sleep<br /> habits is "like changing your height or eye color."] This from the NYTimes Styles section in an article about early risers.</p> <p>I am not generally one to rise early, but since I have been staying out at my brother's house, I have been waking up before 7AM, before my alarm even.</p> <p>The bigger issue is teh hegemony of the early risers, how many people are forced to work a 9 to 5 schedule whel 11 to 7 would be better for them? How many children would learn better in school keeping later hours rather than getting there at 8am?</p>

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