"It's Not Sexy Being Green (yet)"

<p>[l:http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/02/fashion/sundaystyles/02conserve.html|This article] ran in the Sunday Style Section of the NYT. Just another subtle way that conservation is almost mocked as a means to alleviate our environmental and energy woes– it is not a real news story, rather a story about how conservation needs to be made sexy. An interesting article none the less, makes some good points, particularly that not everyone needs to conserve in the same way for conservation to work.</p> <p>What made it all the more interesting was the conversation I had over the weekend about just this very thing. We talked about bio fuel, composting, photo voltaics (solar) and HVAC. I think that the author mentions all those things (except maybe HVAC).</p> <p>BTW, I think that interior temperature (air conditioning and heating) adjustments could probably be the easiest and single largest way for is to reduce energy consumption in america. Office buildings should not be cooled to less that 72 degrees or heated to more than 70. Why those two temeratures? because i like them. I have no science behind their selection only that they seem reasonable.</p> <p>[l:http://today.reuters.com/business/newsArticle.aspx?type=ousiv&storyID=2005-09-06T060053Z_01_FOR621179_RTRIDST_0_BUSINESSPRO-MARKETS-JAPAN-WARMBIZ-DC.XML|Japan recently launched "Warm Biz" and "Cool Biz" campaigns aimed and reducing energy consumption by adjusting office thermostats and asking workers to dress accordingly.] It Japan the winter threshold is 68 degrees and the summer is something like 81. I could not work in 81 degrees.</p>

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