Identity Workshop

<p><a href="">Identity 2.0 Gathering: Getting to the Promised Land</a> by Kaliya Hamlin — The "identity gang" (Doc Searls, Phil Windley, Drummond Reed, and Kaliya Hamlin) has been meeting informally at tech conferences during the past year, but the time has arrived for diving deeper into the different proposed protocols (and the philosophies behind how their architects built them). Kaliya, a.k.a. Identity Woman, shares her perspective on identity and invites people to join her and the rest of the gang at the Internet Identity Workshop, October 26-27, in Berkeley, California.</p>
<p>If I wasn't just getting back from Amsterdam and possibly going down to New Orleans, you would be seeing me at this workshop. If you are in the bay area, and are into technoloigy, the web and privacy, it is probably a good event to hit. Kaliya is great!</p>

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