I could have walked it…

<p>In case you didn't know it, we are on the brink of a transit strike here in NYC. The effects of which, in the last week before the Christmas and Chanukka Holiday season would be devastating on NYC residents and people who work here. Compound the holiday with the frigid weather, and it is a recipe for disaster. I've gotta say that I am typically pretty sympathetic to the municipal labor unions in their demands. For years under Giuliani they got the short end of the stick. </p>
<p>That said, having the transit union which moves millions of people a day talking about walk out the week before Christmas is no good for NY. Beyond that, i think that the public is loosing patience and the union is on the brink of loosing their sympathies. I know I am getting pretty fed up with what seems like intentional slowdowns in the system. (And I hardly even ride the subway or take the bus).</p>
<p>Today I waited for over 12 minutes at 3:20pm for a downtown 6 train at Astor place (I could have walked to Bleeker!) and then at Bleeker I waited for about another 10 minutes for and F train. All in all it took nearly 40 minutes to get from Astor to Delancey. I could have walked it in that time.</p>

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