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<p>[lk:nonecknoel.com|Noel] turned me on to this blog article on tagging. It is a pretty good one.</p> <p>via <a href="http://heynorton.typepad.com/blog/2005/04/the_web_is_full.html">Hey Norton! – Ken Norton's blog – The web is full of tags:</a></p> <p><cite>Even better, the more people you ask, the more accurate it will get because the more you'll be able to identify trends and popular opinions, the more you'll get a power law distribution of the data. If you notice that 60% of the people describe your friend as "abrasive" that will tell you something. (How many people would describe themselves as abrasive?)</cite></p> <p>It's the same with tagging. Several hundred users (or even a thousand, or a million) can be an amazing source of valuable metadata about content on the web. But there are challenges. Here are some of the objections commonly raised: People will lie! People aren't using the same vocabulary – what if you say "bonds" and mean Barry Bonds and I say "bonds" and mean stocks and bonds?! People are terrible spellers! Welcome to the world of search.</p>

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