Gasoline chain letter going around

<p>I make no endorsement of the information from the chain letter quoted below, but felt it was worth commenting on.</p> <p>It is certainly an interesting thought, a gasoline boycott, the best thing that could happen to the gas companies right now, and in the coming weeks would be if a large portion of the public stopped buying gas, because they don't have it. The oil industry actually doesn't have significant stockpiles of gasoline, which is what we are seeing now. Short interruptions in refinery operations can result is broad gasoline shortages because our economy is based so heavily on just in time production and delivery. Just about the only sector not operating like that is the automobile insustry, which is why they have such significant overstock problems. Take a look at dell computers, they don't build your computer until you order it, thus they are never getting stuck with old inventory.</p> <p>Perhaps if gasoline hits (it already has in some parts) $4 a gallon this week and stays there, we will see people abandoning their suvs and carpooling or buying MCs and scooters, or more fuel efficient cars. maybe, the disaster in the gulf will result in a vastly changed energy policy and american attitude towards gasoline and fuel economy.</p> <p>> from a concerned citizen:<br /> ><br /> >>> IT HAS BEEN CALCULATED THAT IF EVERYONE IN THE UNITED STATES DID NOT PURCHASE A DROP OF GASOLINE FOR ONE DAY AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME, THE OIL COMPANIES WOULD CHOKE ON THEIR STOCKPILES.<br /> >>><br /> >>>> AT THE SAME TIME IT WOULD HIT THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY WITH A NET LOSS OF OVER 4.6 BILLION DOLLARS WHICH AFFECTS THE BOTTOM LINES OF THE OIL COMPANIES.<br /> >>>><br /> >>>><br /> >>>> THEREFORE SEPTEMBER 10 HAS BEEN FORMALLY DECLARED "STICK IT TO THEM DAY" AND THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION SHOULD NOT BUY A SINGLE DROP OF GASOLINE THAT DAY.<br /> >>>><br /> >>>> THE ONLY WAY THIS CAN BE DONE IS IF YOU FORWARD THIS E-MAIL TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN AND AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN TO GET THE WORD OUT.<br /> >>>><br /> >>>> WAITING ON THIS ADMINISTRATION TO STEP IN AND CONTROL THE PRICES IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REDUCTION AND CONTROL IN PRICES THAT THE ARAB NATIONS PROMISED TWO WEEKS AGO?<br /> >>>><br /> >>>> REMEMBER ONE THING, NOT ONLY IS THE PRICE OF GASOLINE GOING UP BUT AT THE SAME TIME AIRLINES ARE FORCED TO RAISE THEIR PRICES, TRUCKING COMPANIES ARE FORCED TO RAISE THEIR PRICES WHICH EFFECTS PRICES ON EVERYTHING THAT IS SHIPPED. THINGS LIKE FOOD, CLOTHING, BUILDING MATERIALS, MEDICAL SUPPLIES ETC. WHO PAYS IN THE END? WE DO!<br /> >>>><br /> >>>> WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. IF THEY DON'T GET THE MESSAGE AFTER ONE DAY, WE WILL DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN.<br /> >>>><br /> >>>> SO DO YOUR PART AND SPREAD THE WORD. FORWARD<br /> ></p>