Feeling the rythmic oscillation (of the Social Source ecosystem)

<p>David Geilhufe writes on his Social Source Software blog:</p> <p><cite>[l:http://feeds.feedburner.com/SocialSourceSoftware?m=35|This emergent Social Source ecosystem has already begun rhythmic oscillation… PicNet and CivicActions are starting to use the technology for customers and are increasingly communicating with the partners with the strong links (CivicSpace Labs and Social Source Foundation). Over time, if enough actors join the system, communicate and exchange innovations, unexpected coordinated behavior should start breaking out across the network.]</cite></p> <p>Let me say: I am feeling the rythmic oscillation!</p> <p>As my work with [lk:civicactions.com|CivicActions] ramps up, I am constantly amayzed at teh way the open source civic engagement community is working.</p> <p>This week heralded the release of [lk:socialsourcefoundation.org|CiviCRM 1.0 Beta] and [lk:civicspacelabs.org|CivicSpace 0.8.1]. Not to sound to grandeous or anything, but these two packages will change the world (as I know it) providing solid solutions to the universal problems of contact management and content management that almost ever organization faces.</p>