Daniel K Gillmore Describes "Radio Diaries" class

<p>I was talking to [l:http://penguinday.blueoxen.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Dkg|Daniel K. Gillmor] at [lk:newyork.penguinday.org|Penguin Day] about podcasting and audio recording. I recorded this description of a program he helps out on that teached public school kids to produce "radio" shows.</p> <p>We talked about the technology they use, and later, not on the recording, we talked a bit more about using podcasting to empower communities (school kids or low income communities).</p> <p>Fromt he conversations about podcasting that I had at penguin day and after ward (at teh bar) many people think it is a fad that is not going to go anywher (including Noemi, a woman i spoke with who tried to make the case thaqt not enough people have broadband for podcasting ever to matter) I disagree, it hink it already matters, but we are going to have an explosion of podcasting and then there will likely be a consolidation and we will need "truset brokers" to promote and aggregate good podcasts.</p> <p>ANyway, here is what Daniel had to say. There is a third voice on this (chimes in about the sony mp3 voice memo pen) but i can't remember who it was, if you recognize your voice (or the voice) let me know who it is.</p> <p>also mentioned are NPRs Radio Diaries and <a href="http://www.audioactivism.org" title="http://www.audioactivism.org">http://www.audioactivism.org</a></p> <p>click here to listen [l:files/dgillmoraudiodiaries.mp3]</p> <p>sorry about all the background noise….</p> <table id="attachments" class="sticky-enabled"> <thead><tr><th>Attachment</th><th>Size</th> </tr></thead> <tbody> <tr class="odd"><td><a href="http://home.gregoryheller.com/sites/gregoryheller.com/files/dgillmoraudiodiaries.mp3">dgillmoraudiodiaries.mp3</a></td><td>2.32 MB</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

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