Copyright and the Grokster case

<p>Just read this <a title="Article" target="_blank" href="">article </a>about the Grockster / MGM case, really interesting to read the comments of the justices like this "If I started a business now, how do I know how to proceed?" he asked.<br /> "If I'm a new inventor, I'm going to get sued right away." from Scalia and </p> <p>"There's never the intent to break the law when the guy is in the garage inventing the iPod," from Justice David Souter. </p><p>The whole case smacks of the argument that [wik:Laurence Lessig] makes in his book <a target="_blank" href="">Free Culture</a> which i am reading now and recommend to anyone working on… well anyone interested in technological innovation, content, culture and creativity. </p>

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