Coney Island Weekend at the NYT

<p>The New York Times ran at least 3 articles on Coney Island this weekend. Yesterday they wrote about the New Stillwell Avenue Subway Station (covered in PhotoVoltaic Glass Panels), today's city section dealt with Gregory & Paul's (a food concession on the Boardwalk at West 9ths street that I have always been fond of because my name is Gregory Paul Heller), and another story about the plans for a new Shopping and Visitor's center underneath the Parachute jump (the designer of which was determined through a contenst with [l:|The Van Alen Institute].</p> <p>Coney Island is a cool place and all, and the Parachute Jump and the Stillwell Ave subway station are cool, and I like Gregory and Paul's, but all in one week? In separate articles? I know that Memorial day is the opening of the season and all, but come one, isn't there some other news? I mean this all follows on last weeks articles about the Bania's of Brighton and Manhattan Beaches (And Midwood) and the aireplane crash fiasco last weekend, and there was another article in the Times this weekend about Surfers at Rockaway, and Sharks in NYC waters. The Times is <i>Beach Crazy</i></p> <p>Next week: Orchard Beach and New Brighton on Staten island i suppose…</p>

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