Can Rocketboom Shake up broadcasting?

The NYT ran this article over the weekend about Rocketboom the pioneering daily video log which is now positioned to be a perfect video download to the new video ipod.

As the article reports, with about 100k viewerd, rocketboom could be making big money selling adversing. The video is only a few minutes long and could be bookened with short ads. 100k viewers is up there with a bunch of the cable news programs.

Why aren’t there more such video casts? I could see a network of such short spots that users could then assemble their own program from through taxonomic searching. Some of us at CivicActions mused about a system that could aggregate and classify public televisions and public access television programming from around the country. Users could then subscribe to certain terms, or specific feeds, the result would be a show assembled on the fly of segments the user wants to see.

Back to rocketboom: it is a 3 minute or so rappid fire reading of the headlines. Daily Show and Colbert report could release short bonus segments and distribute them via the web as a way to test out new correspondents, or even as a way to find new correspondents, kind of like, except even less produced. Let people upload, the users will determine which ones are good, correspondents will gain reputations and rise to the top.

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