Bushie… Heck of a Job!

<p>Paul Krugman has a great piece in the NYT yesterday [l:http://select.nytimes.com/gst/tsc.html?URI=http://select.nytimes.com/2005/12/30/opinion/30krugman.html&OP=776d72aQ2FoQ3FbQ22oQ3CHQ51ppQ3CoQ5ENN7oQ2FQ5EokNopV(E(pEokNQ7CQ51Q26fn2E0Q25Q3Cnj|unfortunately it is behind a pay-wall]. But <i>Heck of a Jon, Bushie</i> is a nice recap of all all the scandal and dissapointment and corruption flowing out of the Bush adminsitration and the Republican party.</p>
<p>Krugman suggests that the President is impeachable and should be (at least that is my read on it) if it were not for the hipocritical Republican politicians who reminded us relentlously during the Clinton/Monica scandall that no one, not even presidents are above the law.</p>
<p>In the year end messages from John Kerry, John Edwards, Howard Dean, People for the American Way.. none of them mentioned impeachment. Sure the may have mentioned voting the lyers out of office in 06, and yes, we need to take our country back during the mid term elections and show the bums the door, maybe that is the road to impeachment? but really, we need to do more than just "get out the vote". WE need to chanmge the discourse, reframe the deabate, expose the lies, take the media to task, build movements… empower the people.</p>
<p>We have our work cut out for us on the eve of the New Year.</p>

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