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<p>[via <a href="">Boycott Internet Explorer |</a>]:</p> <p><cite>the only thing left to do to get Microsoft to wake up and start respecting its customers and the web developers who have to deal with the crap browser they produce is to boycott Internet Explorer</cite> </p><p>+1</p> <p>which as i learned today, means "Complete Agreement".</p> <p>So i am agreeing with some guy who is agreeing with some other guy.</p> <p>We are having a little discussion about this right now internally at CivicActions. MS IE sucks, plain and simple. sure it has market share, but that doesn;t make it right. Coke had market share when they were involved in aparthied in South Africa, people boycotted, coke changed its ways.</p> <p>Users need to stand up and tell MS they are sick of it. We developers need to do the same, and we need to all evangelize for standards compliant systems.</p> <p>In the USA we have ADA (americans with disabilities act) it mandates a whole bunch of things related to making life easier for people with disabilities to get around (ramps, elevators, etc…) now in some cases, this could be overkill, but: government buildings should be accessible, transportation infrastructure should be accessible, the web should be accessible. The only way to make the web accessible is by following standards. if a restaurant can be forced to comply with ADA, than MS should be forced to comply with W3C.</p>

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