Bloombucks asks: "Do I look Obscene?"

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I am a bit disenchanted about the NYC mayoral race. Not the matchup I had hoped for, to be honest. But when the Ferrer Campaign called me up on Thursday asking if I could get Mega Bloombucks to come to a press conference about Mike Bloomberg's rediculous campaign spending, I couldn't resist.</p>
<p>So this morning I went down to City Hall, and in front of many cameras and reporters, lampooned our billionaire mayor with lines like:<br />
<i>"My money will depate my oponent's anytime and anywhere, and it'll win, just watch the ads on tv!"</i></p>
<p><i>"I have spent more money than even GeorgeBush, $5 million, on voter and consumer data! I know more about the people of NY than anyone else. Nick, which one of you is Nick from the New York Times? Ah yes, you wear briefs!"</i></p>
<p><i>"Could I have spent this money keeping libraries open? Yes. Could I have given it to cultural institutions? Yes. Could I have kept fire houses open with a small fraction of it? of course! Will i continue asking myself rhetorical questions? If I want to!"</i></p>
<p><i>"Sure I could have just given every man, woman and child in the city $8, or a $20 bill to each registered voter, but instead I have paid consultants and web developers, and data vendors and media outlets."</i><br />
<a href="" target="_blank">See more pictures here</a></p>
<p>I will post other media coverage of the event as it comes in in the <a href="/news">News Room</a></p>