AP and CNN on Tagging

<p>Well tagging has hit the big time with [l:http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/internet/05/03/social.tagging.ap/index.html|this AP story picked up by CNN].</p> <p>It is a pretty good primer on tagging, and mentiones the potential problem of tag polution and hijaking.</p> <p>this is the best line in the pice <em>Tagging is fundamentally about tapping the collective human wisdom, rather than relying on a computer algorithm, for search, said Ben Shneiderman, who teaches human-computer interaction at the University of Maryland.</em></p> <p>And that human wisdom is bound to help you discover information a computer might not otherwise know to retrieve.<br /> </p> <p>ok, more than one line….</p>

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