goes after progressive organizations

<p>I am a big fan of sunlight. I believe it makes the best disinfectant. And there is nothing wrong with sites like <a href="" target="_blank">fundrace</a> or guidestar or the <a href="" target="_blank">center for responsive politics</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">they rule</a> that all try to point out the influence and sources of money for politicians and other organizations. But [|] is a little different. The site claims:<br />
<cite>, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, provides the public and media with in-depth profiles of anti-consumer activist groups, along with information about the sources of their exorbitant funding. </cite><br />
But is does so with well written but heavily biased narratives about individuals and organizations. It is the kind of site the left needs to go after the bevvy of right wing organizations that are funded by the same cabal of ideologues. Everyone should take a look at the site and see what the enemy is saying about your favorite organizations, especially environmental organizations.</p>
<p>The site appears to have amazing research and provides a tremedous, almost overwhelming about of information on each organization or funder.</p>
<p>On a technological end, it also takes advantage of faceted navigation (at least that is what i call it) you can navigate around for hours without ever returning to the top level of the site. Contextual links are provided on every page (just about) that will take the browser to related pages. This is a "technology" that we at [|] willl be using in our new website when it launches shortly.</p>
<p>"The Left" needs a site like this, well written, well researched and well presented. I will personally personally work on such a site with anyone who wants to, just <A href="/feedback">contact me</a> if you want to start planning.</p>

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