A Short Interview with Christian Crumlish

<p>I had the opportunity to meet Christian Crumlish yesterday and today (well monday and tuesday, at this point). Christian is a writer for [l:http://www.personaldemocracy.com/about/#crumlish|Personal Democracy Forum] and is also author of the book [l:http://x-pollen.com/many|The Power of Many].</p> <p>Christian was a panel moderator at the PDF and was a participant at the CivicSpace User Summit. </p> <p>In [l:http://www.gregoryheller.com/home/files/cs_christian.mp3|this short interview, Christian shares thoughts on the PDF, the CS Summit and tech conferences.]</p> <table id="attachments" class="sticky-enabled"> <thead><tr><th>Attachment</th><th>Size</th> </tr></thead> <tbody> <tr class="odd"><td><a href="http://home.gregoryheller.com/sites/gregoryheller.com/files/cs_christian.mp3">cs_christian.mp3</a></td><td>623.59 KB</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>