A new Paradigm for the tech conference

<p>I have touched on this before, but let me lay it out here.</p> <p>Problem: Tech conferences are geat opportunities to network, but formal sessions get in the way of hallway conversation.</p> <p>The gut response to this would be to get rid of the sessions and just allow people the venue to have informal discussions. But that doesn't work well either. The sessions do a good job of "priming the pump" so to speak, and introduing folks and topics.</p> <p>So here is my proposed solution in the form of a conference agenda:</p> <ul> <li>Welcome and Introductions (go around and give a short introduction of yourself and what you do, full name and organizatino) </li><li>Short "Key Note" address or other opening remarks. </li><li>20 Minute networking break<br /> </li><LI>Focused breakout session: 20 minutes in small groups for folks to explain what they are doing (or looking to do) related to the topic of their breakout group. </li><li>40 Minute networking break so people can talk to the folks they are intrested in talking to based upon intros and short focused session. </li><li>Lunch with "birds of a feather" discussions </li><li> repeat the breakout thing from above 1 or 2 more times. </li></ul> <p>So that is my proposal. Build in at least half of the time of the conference for people do self aggregate and network and discuss.</p>