A different World

<p>It is going to be hard to blog about the experience of attending the [lk:webofchange.org|web of change], and it might take a whgile to tease out some of the professional lessons to be learned from all the conversations, but I'll try.</p> <p>First: when you take a bunch of people out of their environments and place them in a beautiful place without the intteruption we are so used to (instant messenger, cell phone, email constantly coming in, sirens, street noise, etc…) they can really push the ball much further down the field. I am having some significant difficulty readjusting from that free space of easy conversation and brilliant people at your fingertips, and the QUIET, to my life in Manhattan with construction noise, helicopters and sirens.</p> <p>While Hollyhock was restorative, it may have spoiled me! There is also somethign to be said that it took me nearly 2 days to get there and 2 days to get back between the airplanes, car rides, and ferry trips.</p> <p>Big sky, night stars, and the sound of ocean opened up my mind making it easier to meet new people and think new thoughts, and follow them all the way through.</p>

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