Support The NTC Scholarship Fund, Buy A Song From Ian Rhett

Each year NTEN raises money to provide scholarships to staff from nonprofit organization that would otherwise not be able to afford to attend the conference.  Usually the money is raised by people and companies sponsoring or donating money with the reward of seeing Holly Ross, and other N-NTEN staff do something funny, like singing and dancing to All The Single Ladies.

This year, NTEN has organized an auction, where people and companies are donating a product, or service and others can bid on these items.  We are offering our own Ian Rhett’s talents to craft a song which could be performed recorded or live for an organization or individual. It could be a ballad about nonprofit technology, a serenade of your Executive Director, or the N-TEN Staff, or song about an issue near and dear to your heart, or your organization. Here is an example of Ian’s handy work with a song about Drupal and you can find more of Ian’s music videos on YouTube and learn more about his music on his website.

The NTC is a fantastic conference that affords nonprofit groups an opportunity to learn from each other and meet experts in the field of nonprofit technology from web strategy, to hardware and IT and everything in the middle.  This year we are excited to be a sponsor and to help organize the Ignite reception are March 17th, and to also be the Power Up sponsor of power strips and a power check table.

A word of note about the auction: you must register with to bid on the auction.

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