NTEN Webinar: Are You An Accidental Product Owner or Project Manager?

Are you an Accidental Project Manager or Product Owner? Have you been given a product or service to deliver and been tossed in the deep end? Do you know what a Project Manager or Product Owner is or is supposed to do?

We are super excited to be presenting a Webinar with NTEN to help people who have found themselves in this very situation. Sadie Honey and Elizabeth Raley will co-present the session on Wednesday, January 26th at 11AM (PST).  They will de-mystify the vocabulary and help you understand how to get your project or product out the door. In addition, Elizabeth and Sadie will discuss the overlapping roles of the traditional Project Manager vs the Product Owner role in Scrum, an agile approach to managing complex projects.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding of the vocabulary of project management
  • Step by step process to follow
  • Two easy-to-use templates

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Learn more about this webinar and NTEN or Register for this webinar today! Registration is $35 for NTEN
Members, $70 for non-members.


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