Ignite NTC 2011 Call For Proposals

Ignite NTC 2011CivicActions is tremendously excited for the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference (11NTC). We are sponsoring the conference in two ways this year: we will be the sponsors of the Ignite Reception on March 17th, and we are sponsoring power strips throughout the conference as well as a “Power Check” — think of it like a coat check with electricity for your devices. We have at least one other surprise for NTC, so stay tuned.

Ignite is a style of presentation inspired by Pecha Kucha where: Participants have five minutes to speak on a subject, accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds. Slides are automatically advanced. Speakers do not have notes. Ignite is not a five minute sales pitch.

Ignite’s motto: Enlighten Us, But Make It Quick.

If you’ve got a passion that you can’t wait to share, check out this video, and then submit an application by February 21!  

NTC Ignite Details:

  • February 21: Ignite Application Deadline
  • February 28: Ignite Applicants Notified
  • March 10: Ignite Presentation Slides Due

Some Ignite History
The first Ignite event was held in 2006 in Seattle, Washington, sponsored by O’Reilly and MAKE magazine. O’Reilly has continued to support Ignite but each Ignite is independently organized at the local level. Ignite events take place in hundreds of cities each year, you can view videos of some of the best Ignite talks at http://igniteshow.com. You can also subscribe to the Ignite Podcast on iTunes. Global Ignite week will be February 7-11, 2011 with events in over 100 cities!

This will be the third year of Ignite at the NTC, last year, Ian Rhett, Jenn Sramek and I all gave Ignite talks (videos are available). I’ve also given two (1, 2) Ignite talks at Ignite Seattle and have to say preparing for these — while a challenge — is very rewarding.

Consider submitting your idea for an Ignite talk.