My Favorite “PodCast”, How about yours?

I am pretty sure I have sung the praises of “Inside Renewable Energy” before, but if you haven’t listened, take a listen to the review of 2006 episode from last week. I like listening to I.R.E. because it highlights so many amazing renewable energy projects that are taking place around the world. it is also well produced, and the right length (12 to 27 minutes).

Other than that, I don’t listen to many, though I do usually save up about a week’s worth of Jim Hightower’s Common Sense Commentaries and listen to them. I also listen to NPR’s All Songs Considered, but at an average of 45 minutes to an hour, it is a little long. It’s also worth noting that it is not really a “podcast” it is just a radio show adapted to a downloadable MP3 format.

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