How Effective Is Your Tagline: The Non Profit Tagline Report

Aaron recently shared The Non Profit Tagline Report from with me and I immediately though this is a report that more people need to see.  The report offers up a series of really great recommendations for crafting a tagline, as well as a checklist for evaluating exiting taglines.  To top it off, the report includes a list of 2500 non profit organization taglines.

Writing a good tagline is, in many ways, like writing other content. We’ve written before about content strategy, and some of our recommendations can be applied to the task of writing a good tagline: it is important to understand your audience, and what you are trying to convey to them.

With people being overwhelmed my information via various mediums: radio, podcasts, television, internet video, newspapers, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc… It is absolutely critical that an organization can present themselves and their work succinctly and memorably so that their audience can understand who they are and what they do and recognize them again in the future.  If your organization doesn’t have a tagline, or if you don’t like the one you’ve been using, download and read this report.  Do no waste any more time with an underperforming tagline.