JustCauseIt.com named a “Killer Startup”

In September we launched JustCauseIt.com (beta) a social networking website that acts as a companion to a forthcoming print magazine. When the folks at JUSTCAUSE came to us with their idea and told me their mission is (as they put it on the website):
To shine a bright light on individuals, corporations and the change agents who are working for the greater good. To inspire people to get involved, to reveal and help people understand the relationship between charity and community, to educate people about how to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and impassion them to TAKE ACTION; to give them a technology platform to enable that action.”

I knew that this project was a good fit for us. We worked through the summer and early fall with a great team including Owen Barton, Bevan Rudge, Justine Hirsch, Amy Wolszyn, and the team at JUSTCAUSE to put together a well designed, clean looking website that could satisfy both the requirements for the magazine and the social networking.

Using mostly out of the box Drupal modules like cck, views, panels, organic groups, buddylist, mysite, etc… (more on this in a later “case study” of the site), and a custom theme based on the designs for the print magazine. Users can blog, discuss topics, create causes for others to join, list events, and organize all this content based on a few primary “channels” like Arts, Environment, etc…

I think we hit the mark, and just this week, KillerStartups.com recognized that.

JustCauseIt provides a superbly designed, clean interface across which idealists can connect. Each category is filled to the brim with information, and the site makes it easy for you to add your own content as well. The personal profiles are more extensive and elegant than on Idealist.

Buzz about the site has been building during this beta launch and we look forward to continuing to work with the team at JUSTCAUSE to roll out new features in the months ahead as the print magazine launches.

I invite everyone to drop by JustCauseIt.com , sign up and change the world.