CivicActions Session Proposals for DrupalCon Barcelona 2007

A number of CivicActioneers (my self included) have proposed sessions for the upcoming DrupalCon in Barcelona (September 19-22). Almost the entire team will be traveling to Spain a week early for our 3rd annual European Fall Retreat, so we’ll have plenty of time to polish our sessions and get input from the team.

Here is a quick look at the sessions we’ve proposed:

In Code Review is not just for Standards, Doug Green will talk about the coding standards, the coder module and how to use it to assist with upgrading your modules, performance, security and code compliance.

Owen Barton will demonstrate how to set up yourdevelopment environment with free software in his session covering installing GNU/Liunx OS, LAMP stack configuration, the Eclipse IDE, CVS and SVN version control systems. We have been talking a lot about what we call “the free development environment” here at CA as more and more of our team members make the switch ditching proprietary OSs and going with GNU/Linux.

Zoey Kroll and I will talk about how to integrate Information Architecture into the Drupal Development Process. Ron Akanowicz who is our other Information Architect will not be able to make it to DrupalCon, but will help with the preparation for this session in which we will show a variety of Information Architecture deliverables (like wire frames and site maps) and then show the websites that resulted from them. We’ll talk about some best practices from our experience.

Jonathan Hendler has proposed a session on Semantic Search introducing the newly released Semantic Search module which integrates Drupal with RDF stores. Jonathan will talk about the module’s roadmap and how Semantic Search can provide a powerful alternative to Drupal’s standard search and views search.

Rounding out our session proposals is Doug Green’s Update on Drupal Searching, this session will in some ways pick up where Doug and Robert Douglas’s OSCMS Con session left off. Doug will talk about views and views_filterblock, core search, other search modules, and improvements to search that could lead to really interesting and useful search results ranking options.

If you haven’t already, please take a look at the session proposals on the DrupalCon website and cast your votes!

To the extent that we prepare slides, or that we are able to record our sessions (audio or video) we will make them available online after DrupalCon.

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