15 minutes for the environment

I just took about 15 minutes to call 9 catalog companies and have them remove me from their mailing lists. Upon returning to NY from some time in Seattle i had a stack of catalogs nearly a foot high waiting for me.
The 9 calls resulted in me being removed from 12 catalog mailing lists. I have about 4 more calls to make, and I am sure, upon my next return, there will be some other catalogs that had not come in the last month.

The most difficult to be removed from (and only obviously outsourced call center) was the Dell Catalog, which took over 8 minutes. Some of the easiest were tool and home furnishing companies who just needed a code from the back of the catalog.

I encourage everyone to remove yourselves from catalog lists to help save the environment. Catalog printing wastes paper and water, and may printing processes pollute the environment in other ways too.

Furthermore, the constant barrage of catalogs influences us to buy things we do not really need.

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