The NYt on networking Networking

<p>First saw this over on [l:|SmartMOBs]</p>
<p>[via <a href="">Networking: A Special Section – New York Times</a>]:</p>
<p><cite>in the next wave [of technology inovation and adoption], companies are embracing the potential of networked computing to let workers share their knowledge more efficiently as they nurture new ideas, new products and new ways to digitally automate all sorts of tasks.</cite>
</p><p><cite>Corporations are rapidly adopting software tools intended to nurture collaborative work, including wikis, blogs, instant messaging, Web-based conferencing and peer-to-peer programs.</cite></p>
<p><cite>So far, economists say that only a fraction of the cost-cutting opportunity from networked computing has been captured.</cite></p>
<p>Good stuff to see in print in the times. At [|CivicActions] we use wikis every day to track progress on projects and build an ever expanding knowledge base for our team. We will likely ramp up our internal developer blogs soon to create yet another avenue for retaining and sharing information about what we are doing and how we are doing it.</p>
<p>The Times is absolutely correct, if companies are going to survive and thrive, they are going to need to embrace these new technologies and the openness that they foster.</p>

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